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From a legal point of view in Australia, we are GW-SW Pty Ltd, ACN 069 270 846, ABN 54 069 270 846.

The company was incorporated as Townley & Associates Pty Ltd in 1995 by Dr Lloyd Townley, at that time for the specific purpose of owning the intellectual property in groundwater modelling software known as AQUIFEM-N.

For nearly eight years from August 1997 until May 2005, the company traded as an environmental consultancy, preparing environmental impact statements for proposed mining projects and undertaking hydrological and groundwater modelling studies of various kinds.

In 2005, the company changed its name to NTEC Services Pty Ltd ("NTEC") and adopted a business name "NTEC Environmental Technology" to reflect its activities reselling software and instrumentation (including weather stations, water level sensors and rugged handheld computers). For nearly four years, until mid 2009, the company's activities were restricted to resale of software, while the founder worked as a full-time employee of Rio Tinto.

From mid 2009 to late 2012, NTEC offered consulting services in simulation and environmental impact assessment, especially related to water and mining. Our expertise grew to include include simulation of the potential environmental impacts of coal seam gas production. We grew quickly from 1 to 11 staff in a period of 30 months.

On 19 February 2013, the consulting business operated by NTEC became part of CDM Smith. CDM Smith acquired the right to use the business name "NTEC Environmental Technology" and employed eight of NTEC's staff.

NTEC's links with CDM Smith date to the late 1970s. At that time, NTEC's founder was a student in Cambridge MA, and was introduced to a small team of water engineers at CDM. CDM Smith continues to use modelling software known as DYNSYSTEM which evolved in parallel with AQUIFEM-1.

In February 2013, NTEC Services Pty Ltd changed its name to GW-SW Pty Ltd. "GW-SW" contines to resell commercial modelling software on behalf of software developers based in Australia, North America and Europe.

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