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Flow Through-Discharge - example 2 (THESIS - Figure 10.8)

Problem Description

Non-dimensional Ratios:

2a /B 4 Ratio of lake length to aquifer depth.
2a /LR 0.1 Ratio of lake length to regional length of aquifer.
LL /LR 0.5 Position of the lake within the regional setting, normalised by the regional length.
Aquifer Properties
KH /KV 1 Hydraulic conductivity anisotropy.
SoB 1.0E-05 Aquifer elastic storage coefficient.
Sy 0.3 Aquifer specific yield.
Boundary Fluxes
RLs /Rs -4.8 Ratio of average lake recharge to average aquifer recharge.
RLaSy /Ra 0 Ratio relating theamplitude of fluctuation in lake recharge to the amplitude of aquifer recharge.
q /P 0 The phase difference between the lake and aquifer recharges, normalised by the period.
System Response
LR2Sy /KHBP 0.4 Non-dimensional response time describing the ability of the lake-aquifer system to propagate periodic forcing applied at the boundaries.
RsLR2 /KHB2 0.16 A non-dimensional measure of the mean height of the regional groundwater mound above the groundwater level at the regional discharge boundary.
RaP /SyB 0.4 Ratio describing the size of potential fluctuation in advective flowpaths relative to the aquifer depth.

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